Monthly Archives: August 2013

August 30

How Alcohol Saved My Life

Wholesome, rosebud-lipped 22-year olds are sniffling and wiping tears off their cheeks. Our flight attendant training class has just received our base assignments—where we will start out our “exciting new careers!” Most of the Southern belles are being sent to New York. Many of the innocent Midwestern girls will live in Miami. No one is […]

August 12

Anal Candy and the Meaning of Life

I wrote this three months ago, right before I retired from being a sky goddess. Yesterday was the last time I will ever sit in first class. Boo-fucking-hoo, you’re thinking. I’m retiring from my job as a flight attendant after 18 years. I’d taken a “last fling” trip with my gay husband Tim (we have been […]

August 11

Why I committed Career Suicide.

I am nervous as fuck, uncomfortable as fuck, looking at 14 pairs of eyes as I walk into an unsmiling first-class cabin.  It’s the heyday—1995—and I’m working a flight from Austin, Texas to San Jose, California. I’d just spent 27 hours at the Super 8 Austin Airport, which was located under four criss-crossing interstate […]